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The idea to store the typical products of the island in oil and create the brand ventoinpoppa was born from ​​a group of friends who have always shared a passion for theater.

The goal is to preserve the gastronomic tradition of our territory by recovering the raw materials which this beautiful island offers.

Since ancient times fish products have been preserved in salt, put under scorching sun to dry and then consumed in the long winter period, only then they were passed to oil storage.

Ponza has always boasted of great seafaring arts, and swordfish fishing allows the recovery of “eggs” destined for preservation in oil after boiling.

The alalunga in olive oil, a type of white tuna that lives in our seas, represents the fish product for excellence on the island.

Ponza also boasts a great peasant tradition of dried pulses, lentils, grass peas, broad beans that in the past have fed entire families in the most difficult months of the year.

The goal is to surprise therefore vegetables are recovered in order to experiment recipes and always be innovative.

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The Ventoinpoppa’s wild fennel pesto is one of the most successful attempts.

The wild finochietto grows spontaneously and if the rains are abundant it can be harvested all year except in the summer months.

Macerating the “barbs” with flowers or seeds, we get an excellent liqueur and digestive.

The “wild myrtle”, a small spontaneous shrub with very fragrant berries, is one of the most characteristic products of the Mediterranean scrub, which covers a large part of the island.

Myrtle berries are harvested by hand between the months of October and January and after being macerated they give us a liqueur with a violet color and an intense and sweet taste.

The wide range of products is completed by jams produced only with local fruit.

We are waiting to amaze you with some taste. Genuity is sold by Ventoinpoppa.

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