Lucia Rosa

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The Lucia Rosa stacks are a cove carved out of the sea characterized by a striking cliff that ranges between various colors. In the submerged part there are tunnels, and in some small caves there are pebble beaches.

Off the coast of Lucia Rosa, near the “Secca dei Mattoni”, in 1985 a Roman wreck was found, at about 30 meters depth, containing Roman amphorae dating back to the first half of the 1st century. C.

This part of the island is related to the legend of a girl named Lucia Rosa, hampered in marrying a peasant. In the beginning of the 800; Lucia Rosa, young and dreamer, looked at the sea from the top of Le Forna, fantasizing the love that would come one day.

A boy, with the misfortune of being a simple farmer, fell in love with the young woman. A strong and engaging love was born but her father refuses to accept, not consenting to those marriages without honor. The girl’s desperate cry with a broken heart is worthless.¬† In a sunny July afternoon, Lucia Rosa slipped and fell off a cliff, falling inexorably into the void until she reached the rocks. Opposite it was the Faraglioni. They searched for days. It was precisely the beloved who lowered herself with a rope, to take her among the rocks, with her heart broken by pain.