Punta della Guardia

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This part of the island takes its name from the mountain above which is also the highest peak, about 279 meters.

It is characterized by a prominent volcanic rock spur on top of which rises the homonymous faraglione. On the tip of the promontory stands the Lighthouse of the Guard, considered the third in Italy for power.

From 1886, the year it was built, the Lighthouse of the Guard carried out its duty faithfully and silently. For 90 years many people have alternated between its walls, the so-called fanalisti and their families.

Since 1975 it is no longer inhabited. Situated overlooking the sea in a landscape of great interest, it is one of the most important signals in the Tyrrhenian Sea with a range of 42 kilometers.

It was included among the assets of the Italian Environment Fund to be safeguarded from degradation and abandonment.