Frontone Bay

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Like all the strategic points of the island even at Frontone Bay there is a fort, a military construction dating back to the second half of the 1500s, built during the papacy of Paul III. The building was restored during the Bourbon colonization in the late 1700s and it was an integral part of the island’s defense system.

The tourist history of Frontone began in the 1950s when the National Assistance to Workers, an institution abolished in 1978, built a tourist village to encourage workers to stay.

It was a structure composed mainly of spartan wooden bungalows which, together with a central building used as a service and restaurant, could accommodate around 150 people.

Over the years thousands of employee have been guests of the structure, unfortunately today in disuse.

It was also the years when the Port-Frontone beach ferry service began. Today the service has considerably intensified  and the beach of Frontone has probably become the most famous resort of Ponza, a must for every tourist who arrives on the island.

A destination not to be missed for those visiting this splendid bay is the ethno-anthropological museum, rich in history and artifacts from the island.